LeBron James Family Foundation Announces the “I Promise School”

In this 16 minute video, the LeBron James Family FoundationAkron Public Schools, and the City of Akron announce the creation of the “I Promise School”.

At about 14:30 in this video, LeBron says that the infrastructure, the mentors, the leaders are here for the kids, but it’s also a reminder to the adults “that it’s our job to put forth the effort to help these kids understand that they do have a purpose in life, individually and collectively”

The LJFF has many partners working to make this school a reality.  A key component to these efforts are the contributions of individual community members.  There is a role for everyone in the education of the next generation.  I encourage everyone in Akron to ask “What can I do?” and then step up and help make a difference in our hometown.

Author: Tom

Tom Ghinder founded Akron Promise, Inc. with his wife, Daralee Ghinder in 2015 to help shape a culture of education in Akron. Tom and Daralee have been residents of Akron for 25 years where their children attended and graduated from Akron Public Schools. Tom spent his professional career in IT specializing in data analysis, data quality, and the interrelationship of systems.