Akron Promise was founded in 2016 by Tom and Daralee Ghinder.  The Executive Director is Néna Roy who joined Akron Promise in April, 2021.

Akron Promise facilitates success in our city, our schools, and our families such that Akron is the community of choice to live, work, and educate our children. We do this by helping students and families access appropriate educational supports, resources, and opportunities.

We facilitate connections, scholarships, and enrichment activities that improve education opportunities and we advocate for students and families.

In 2017, Akron Promise started the process to implement direct programs for students at Kenmore-Garfield High School.  These including the Kenmore-Garfield Student Advocates and ACT Testing Support programs.

In the fall of 2018, nine Kenmore-Garfield Graduates started post-secondary education at Stark State College with book and tuition scholarships from Akron Promise.  These students all have coaches at the Akron Financial Empowerment Center.

Resources about Promise Programs