To remove barriers to educational attainment, workforce participation and economic mobility for each student in Akron Public Schools and to connect students and families to appropriate supports, resources and opportunities.


A community-involved culture of education, in an equitable and thriving Akron, making our city the choice to live, work, and educate our children.


Transparency     Integrity     Compassion     Excellence


After years of observing and studying models in other communities, Akron Promise was formed in 2016 to advocate for, and bring to our community, a universal education and life achievement program. 

In 2017, Akron Promise started the process to implement direct programs for students at Kenmore-Garfield High School (now Garfield CLC).  These including the Kenmore-Garfield Student AdvocatesACT Testing Support programs and the Kenmore-Garfield Stark State College Scholarship.

In 2019, Akron Promise established the “Student Success Team” as a peer support network to help students prepare for life after high school.  We partner with the AVID program along with other organizations at both Innes and Garfield CLCs.

In 2022, Akron Promise has embarked on an initiative to ensure that each student of Garfield CLC has access to quality, and tuition-free post-secondary opportunities.  More information on our campaign can be found here.