Education Support Resources

This page is used to post links to resources that mentors, students and parents may find useful to achieve post high school goals.  If you have a resource to add, please let me know via the contact page.

Resources for High School Graduation

  • Ohio Graduation Requirements – This page has the details of the 21 credits, 18 points on the Ohio State Tests and other requirements and alternatives to earn a high school diploma.
  • College and Career Academies of Akron – Pathways chart is on home page.  Information about CCAA.  All students in APS will be part of a pathway beginning in 2019.
  • Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal – Ohio high school students now can earn recognition by showing they are prepared to contribute to the workplace and their communities.
  • Ohio Seal of Biliteracy – This seal recognizes graduating seniors who can demonstrate high levels of proficiency in English and at least one other language.
  • College and Career Academy of Akron Pathways – Information about pathways available at each Akron High School.
  • Free Online Text Books – These may be used to supplement other books.  Some of these may also be used at your college or high school already.
  • College Credit Plus – Earn both high school and college credit for classes.  Signup with your principal between Feb 15 and April 1.  Summer terms also available!
  • GED and High School Equivalency Tests – The state of Ohio has recently changed the procedures and tests available to get what is commonly called here a ‘GED’.  The new name is HSE (High School Equivalency).
  • Tutor.Com – Academic assistance available to all Akron-Summit County Libary Card holders.  Introduction video is available here!

College and University Resources

  • College Search – For best results, under the ‘Paying’ tab, select schools that provide at least 80% of financial need.  Students can create an account to save selection criteria and enter their own data to help find appropriate schools.
  • Scholarships available to APS Students
  • College and ACT Resources at Kenmore-Garfield High School
  • Free Online Text Books – These may be used to supplement other books.  Some of these may also be used at your college or high school already.
  • Employment Education Resources – Assistance provided by local employers to their employees.
  • FAFSA Information
    • FAFSA estimator – Though ever family is different, Some examples of eligibility in 2018 a family of 3 with the student making $5,000 / year, the grants would be:
      • parent earns < 29,600, Pell grant = $5,920 / year (maximum grant)
      • parent earns $50,000, Pell Grant = $2,750 / year.
      • parent earns over $60,000 grant is zero.
    • FAFSA Help In  Ohio – Website with some FAFSA information and information on FAFSA completion events.

Other opportunities in Akron for supporting students and children

  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA Volunteers) –  Volunteers perform actions or functions to protect the best interest of children in our community.
  • Summer Camp / Opportunities  (See also, Employment Resources, below)
  • Wandering Aesthetics offers three different summer camp experiences for those 5-10, 8-13, and 8-14
  • Youth Programs at Akron UMADAOP – These programs for youth 6 to 17 provide education, awareness and early intervention techniques , assisting them in making better life choices.

Ways to be Active!

Resources for joining the military

  • ASVAB Test Preparation – These various sites were found via google. There may be better resources.  We would appreciate any feedback on this site.  Information about branches and ASVAB scores required is available here.
  • ASVAB Tutor – Practice Test
  • ASVAB Practice Tests – More practice tests, but with explanations of answers.

Employment Resources


Other resources can be found on this page.