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Kenmore-Garfield Student Advocates

Akron Promise continues to recruit mentors for our students, but this program isn’t currently active.  It has been left here for reference.  If interested in Mentoring, please express your interest at the above link.

Akron Promise has created the Kenmore-Garfield High School Student Advocate program to assist students in their transition to life after high school

This program has been developed to help students identify and achieve their post high school objectives.  The role of the mentor is to help the student articulate their post high school objectives and find and achieve stepping stones to achieve them.

All Akron Promise mentors are trained and have background clearances through iC.A.R.E Mentoring, the Akron Public Schools platform  for mentoring.

Mentors will meet with students in and out of school once or twice a month as well as remain in contact via e-mail or text as students take steps toward their goals with the guidance of their mentor.  Do you have one or two hours a month to work with these students?  Please contact me at and let’s work together to change the lives of students in at Kenmore-Garfield High School!  More information can be found here.

Thank you,

Tom Ghinder
Founder, Akron Promise, Inc.

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