Garfield CLC Stark State College Scholarship

Scholarship Awards

Scholarships will be awarded to fund to required books and tuition at Stark State College for Pell eligible students.  All students will get funds for required books.  For students that don’t have other scholarships or aid to cover tuition will receive an additional award to cover the gap in tuition.

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Students must meet the following eligibility criteria

  • Garfield CLC High School graduating senior
  • City of Akron Resident
  • Apply for admission to Stark State College
  • Complete a FAFSA and be eligible for a Pell Grant in any amount
  • Enroll at Stark State by the fall term following graduation
  • There is no deadline.  To be considered for the first round of scholarships, applications must be received by March 1.  Scholarships will be awarded as long as funds are available.
  • All applicants must complete the simple Stark State Scholarship Application (even if it is after the official deadline).
  • Once awarded, all students are expected to work with a financial empowerment counselor to help understand their financial aid and scholarship awards and plan for the future.

There are up to ten scholarships available.  Scholarships selection uses this preference criteria:

  • Number of years attending Kenmore-Garfield High School or Garfield CLC
  • Number of years attending Akron Public Schools
  • Number of years as resident of Akron
  • Likelihood of success in certification or degree program (GPA, ACT, attendance, prior coursework)
  • College Credit Plus success at Stark State College
  • College Credit Plus success at any college
  • CTE Course attempted or completed which would indicate likelihood of success in chosen program

Application Process

Once all eligibility requirements have been met, fill out the application.

Ensure that Stark State College is assigned to receive your FAFSA information.

Continued Eligibility / Renewal

Students must maintain full time status at Stark State (12 hours / semester) and maintain a 2.5 GPA.  

Students are encouraged to return to Garfield CLC to mentor other students or relate their experience at Stark State College and beyond.

Students are expected to participate in a community mentoring program as a mentee while enrolled receiving the scholarship.  

Students are expected to continue their relationship with their financial empowerment counselor and meet with them at least once per semester as long as they are receiving funds.

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