Other Education Resources

This page is designed to be a resource for education support in Akron.  If you have suggestions on links to add, please let us know via the contact page.

Early Learning

Elementary School

Secondary School

Please see this page for information on support in high school.

Post-Secondary Education

Please see this page for information on post-secondary support.

Trauma Informed Education and Support

The following resources are collected to help in understanding the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and how support persons and organizations can understand and respond to the affects.

Resilience, The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, is a documentary by KJKR Productions.  This link contains the online discussion after a recent nationwide screening of the film.

TED Talk by Nadine Burke Harris – How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.

Trauma Informed Schools

Find your own ACE Score

Columbus Dispatch Article – Study: Many Ohio kids experience early childhood trauma

Education Films

All The Difference – This film follows two African-American male first generation college students and highlights their struggles and pathways to success.

Each Child, Our Future

Each Child, Our Future is Ohio’s educational five-year Strategic Plan published in 2018.  The Ohio Department of education is publishing a series of articles under the heading “Understanding Each Child, Our Future” beginning in December, 2018.  Each is listed below as they are published.

12/4/2018 – An Introduction to our upcoming series

12/10/2018 – Educating the Whole Child

12/17/2018 – Core Principles

01/02/2019 – Vision and One Goal

01/07/2019 – Four Learning Domains

01/14/2019 – Ten Priority Strategies

01`/22/2019 – Excellent Educators and Instructional Practices (Strategies 1-3)

01/28/2019 – Standards, Assessment and Accountability (Strategies 4-6)

02/04/2019 – Student Supports and School Climate and Culture (Strategy 7)

2/11/2019 – Early Learning and Literacy (Strategies 8-9)

2/19/2019 – High School Success and Postsecondary Connections (Strategy 10)

2/25/2019 – Implementation and Series Conclusion

State Standards and Resources

Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics

Khan Academy Math Learning Plans may help with learning these standards.  Please send us more ideas on how to enhance this section!

Promise Program Information

Five Key Questions to measure Promise Programs from Education Reform Now.

Migration and Housing Price Effects of Place-Based College Scholarships – 2015 study indicating that reduced out-migration may “lead to a 1.7% increase in overall population of the local labor market.”

Policy Resource Center from the Campaign for Free College Tuition – Various resources identifying costs and benefits of Promise Programs