An Economic Case for Preschool

Akron Promise is here to promote education support from cradle to career.  This post addresses the issue of education and preparation that must occur for a student to be ready to learn when entering formal K-12 education.

In this 15 minute talk by Timothy Bartik, he makes the economic case for preschool. Below, I have selected two quotes that intrigue me.

“When other people’s children get more skills, that actually increases the prosperity of everyone, including people whose skills don’t change.”

He concludes with this challenge.

“This is ultimately not an economic question, it’s a moral question: Are we willing, as Americans, are we as a society still capable of making the political choice to sacrifice now by paying more taxes in order to improve the long-term future of not only our kids, but our community?”

Use this link for an interactive transcript.

Author: Tom

Tom Ghinder founded Akron Promise, Inc. with his wife, Daralee Ghinder in 2015 to help shape a culture of education in Akron. Tom and Daralee have been residents of Akron for 25 years where their children attended and graduated from Akron Public Schools. Tom spent his professional career in IT specializing in data analysis, data quality, and the interrelationship of systems.