Rethinking The Classroom

Today, I came across this article from 2014 that identifies fourteen items that need to be examined and changed to support learning required in our 21st Century society and economy.  The article doesn’t propose specific solutions on all items, but identifies possibilities and reasons that the status quo must be changed.  Many schools are already implementing the changes which have been suggested here.

A significant point that isn’t mentioned, but is evident based on the list is that schools must be nimble and open to change in order to address the needs of students as society continues to change.  This list isn’t finite, but will change again and again as the needs of the students change.

Do you have other ideas of things that are now ‘obsolete’?   This article invites all of us involved in education to continuously review the status quo and be prepared to respond to new requirements and situations in order to provide the best possible education for our students.

There are two quotes that stand out to me.  The first is that standardized tests “measure only a small part of what we want our kids to learn and by focusing on these exams we are narrowing the curriculum. “

The second quote is addressed to teachers, but I believe that all who have a passion or interest in education can take to heart and find ways to invoke change to improve opportunity for our next generation.

If you want to see change in education, you should start in your own classroom.”

What do you think?

Author: Tom

Tom Ghinder founded Akron Promise, Inc. with his wife, Daralee Ghinder in 2015 to help shape a culture of education in Akron. Tom and Daralee have been residents of Akron for 25 years where their children attended and graduated from Akron Public Schools. Tom spent his professional career in IT specializing in data analysis, data quality, and the interrelationship of systems.